"Providing our customers with the correct technology is what this is all about. We tell ourselves we need to learn something new each day, or we are falling behind. Connecting users to the technology is the challenge. People know what they want, and generally they are knowlegeable about the available capabilities.

It's important to develop easy to use scenarios, and more so, for our customers to see positive results. Return on Investment is an important part of the equation, but this stuff has to work. Gone are the days of acceptable downtime and live beta-testing. Most of the systems we support require nearly 24/7/365 uptime, which can be a challenge, but is ultimately rewarded with a happy user-base."

David is married with two great kids that keep him hopping. Motorcycling, camping, fly-fishing and church occupy his time away from work. He hopes to take a motorcycle trip to Alaska in the next couple of years.

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